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Generic Training

*As Part of phase 1 of “Success” Program

  •  Complain handling
  • Telephone procedures
  • Basic food hygiene for food handlers
  • Service standards, SOPs and sequence of service
  • The basic of hospitality principles
  • Restaurants, bars, rooms service and C&B

Modular Trainings

** As part of phase 2 and 3 of the “Success” Program

Revenue enhancement

  • Building a Winning Sales Team
  • Using Business Tools to Manage a Sales Team
  • Motivating a Winning Sales Team
  • Communicating in Sales Teams
  • Sales Motivation
  • Developing Your Full Sales Potential
  • Maintaining Your Guest Base
  • Expanding Your Guest Base
  • Time is Money: Spend it Well

Product knowledge

  • The Art of Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge as Capital
  • Putting Knowledge to Work
  • Managing Knowledge Workers
  • Being a Knowledge Activist

My role my shift

  • Energizing & Empowering Employees
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Leadership and the Knowledge Worker
  • Leading Change from the Front Line
  • Leading from the Front Line – Simulation Case Study

The guest experience

  • Building the Service Foundation: Corporate Culture
  • Fundamentals of Exceptional Guest Service
  • The Voice of the guest
  • Advancing Your Service Expertise
  • Customers, Conflict and Confrontation
  • Overcoming Challenging Service Situations
  • Service Stars and Service Teams
  • Excelling at Guest Service – Simulation / case study
  • Guest Service – Simulation / case study

Effective Listening Skills

  • The Basics of Listening
  • Listening for Comprehension
  • Listening for Higher Purposes
  • Enhancing Your Listening Skills
  • Effective Listening Skills – Simulation

Food and Beverage Management                                                                                     

  • Foundation Service Management
  • Foundation Kitchen Management
  • Intermediate Service Management
  • Intermediate Kitchen Management
  • Advanced Food & Drink Management
  • HACCP System, Principles and Applications

People Management

  • Degree Performance Feedback
  • Elements of a Performance Review
  • Delivering Performance Feedback
  • Performance Appraisal – Simulation / Case Study
  • Building Effective Interfunctional Relationships
  • Working Effectively with Guests
  • Working Effectively with Business Partners
  • Building Better Work Relationships – Simulation / Case Study

Going from management to leadership

  • Competencies for Tomorrow’s Managers
  • Development Tools for Tomorrow’s Managers
  • The Manager as Coach and Counselor
  • The Manager as Project Champion
  • A Manager’s Primer for Ensuring Accountability
  • Continuous Learning for Tomorrow’s Managers
  • Essential Skills for Tomorrow’s Managers – Simulation / Case studies

Essential People Management Skills – Simulation / Case studies