What is this program about?
The Hoteliers Inspiration’s Mentoring program is designed to observe individual participants’ performance
and give personalized feedback and training that will improve the individual’s skills and overall managerial

The Mentoring Program 2016 has been specifically designed to give participants a clear insight into the
operational and managerial procedures and challenges of a hotel operation. This means that there is a huge
amount of information and knowledge to be absorbed during the 6 month program, which makes the time
within the program limited and precious.
The program has been revised and restructured in such a way as to ensure that both participants and the
Hotel get as much as possible from participating in the Hoteliers Inspiration Mentoring Operational Program.
Participants will acquire the experience and knowledge that will build the foundation of the Hotel General
Manager role, but with a strong focus as an Operational Controller, additionally, the hotel will gain an
enthusiastic, talented, committed individual who can really bring true value to a hotel operation.
Our Role as a Mentor
The role of Hoteliers Inspiration as a Mentor will be to act as an experienced advisor and counselor when
Mentees need an objective point of reference or advice on how to deal with all manner of situations. Our
role as a Mentor is also quite different from the General Managers and Department Heads that you will be
working with Mentees on a day-to-day basis.


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