Hoteliers Inspiration Management Control System is a tailor made program than enables owners and Executive Managers to plan, forecast and monitor month to month and year to year results.

the system is totally built by following USALI standards. We intend to implement the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or GAAP, which means those conventions, rules, procedures and practices, consistently applied, affecting all aspects of recording and reporting operational, financial transactions in the hotel business which are generally accepted by major independent international accounting firms, with no exception in Slovenia.

Action planning in the system allows you to establish improvement priorities to drive revenues and higher.

The Management Control System is an online cloud base system aimed at enabling the hotel to accurately measure and effectively improves financial results with an ultimate financial goal to track and measure the Profit or loss conversion.

The metrics are set by Key Performance Indicators and benchamrking those KPIs on a monthly and year basis.

. Satisfaction of guests staying at your hotel.  This list shows those attributes which have the biggest impact on your OSAT (Overall Satisfaction score). The system will identify and assess performance from areas such as the physical condition of the property and services areas, as an example below a series of attributes

  • Overall assessment of hotel
  • Value for money
  • Likelihood of visiting again
  • Likelihood of recommending
  • Expectations exceeded
  • % experiencing problems
  • Check in / check out
  • Food beverages


How It Works

Setup is straightforward and simple. There is no need of interface with your PMS. We will create a targeted questionnaire to collect, analyse, and distribute feedback directly from guests stayed in house. We will tailor made your questions based on your real needs.


Hoteliers Inspirations comprehensive dashboard consolidates all guest feedback into a single dashboard, letting you view guest satisfaction, problem experienced and key performance areas as a results separately or together.

Grow your business with actionable insights

Hoteliers Inspiration’s Diagnostic Monitor Map identifies opportunities for improvement within survey feedback, helping hotel staff boost guest satisfaction and revenue.

Within the diagnostic map, you will be able to monitor and most importantly react on comments made by guests such as:

  • “ADR
  • “RevPar”
  • “Occupancy Levels grow YOY”
  • “Food and Beverage Average Spend “
  • “Departmental Profits”
  • “GOP”
  • “Profitability Conversion”