A 4 start deluxe hotel in central London, bedrooms high profile business and corporate hotel with a two rosettes award-winning restaurant, directed by Michelin-starred Chef offering some of the finest Italian food in London. The Hotel also features a Chinese destination with a menu of Sichuan specialist with a modern twist.


Creation of a new Tea Lounge/Lobby used as an additional restaurant space, serving continental breakfast, light food throughout the morning, more substantial dishes through lunch period, afternoon teas and early evening meals with wine offer.

We anticipated that this area will become a general meeting and place to be seen, particularly as it is situated opposite to reception where guest had first impression of the hotel.

The Lobby area provides a great opportunity to have greater visibility for the Hotel. It was imperative that this impression was one of welcome, styled with and instant food appeal.

Whilst there were certain restrictions on the type of food that could be offered, this did not prevent the creation of an exciting and varied menu.

The service style and presentation of the various dishes were of paramount importance and the flexibility to offer alternative dishes within the skill set of the staff/kitchen facility was vital.
The target was to gain new customers from the market place in general, as well as satisfy hotel’s guests. The ambition was to create a viable, attractive and exciting welcome to the Hotel.

The lobby area was set in a way to accommodate dinners or offer an informal setting to converse, offering free wireless internet.

Team behind the Project

Sergio Foti Project Manager and Senior team member of the hotel.


The transition of new ownership set new high expectations to the F&B division and members of the Senior Management team. The team was embarked in a detailed and up scaled F&B mission. A Critical path was developed covering different areas from design, operational, advertisement & marketing activities.
Here below areas covered in the critical path

  • Research & Development
  • Agreements & Contracts
  • Capital Budget
  • Project Manager
  • Kitchen Works
  • Back Lobby Bar Office
  • Human Resources
  • Training & Development Strategy
  • Operating Equipment
  • F& B Supplies
  • Menu
  • IT & Comms
  • Health & Safety & Security
  • Communication
  • Contractors Working Practices


The new outlet was created according with plan, vision and mission of project accomplished, Lobby F&B outlet generates an average of 200,000 Euros sales per year with a G.P of 70% and outlet net profit of 40%.