A well known fruit and vegetable supplier in Slovenia with strong presence in local market for the last 15 years, the company has recently introduced organic fruit and vegetables products in shops and key accounts.


Hoteliers Inspiration have been asked to put together our recommendations to design, develop and implement a set of marketing concepts around the theme “Tomorrow’s food trends today”.

As part of this project we worked alongside with Directors and retail Managers with the overall objective to increase Public Relations, image, product knowledge and subsequently sales increase.

The project aimed to develop a seasonal food and beverage magazine, a series of seminars mainly for kitchen staff, developed a standard newsletter magazine and e mail marketing campaign.

This project aimed to transform how Price – Quality is viewed by its customers and key accounts. It provided a unique opportunity to develop a credible reputation for being an innovator and been the market leader.

Team behind the Project

Larisa Kobe, Marketing Director, Nina Nahtigal Designer, Zdravko Peric, Chef Consultant and Sergio Foti, Project Manager.


After several meetings with owners of company, we finally decided to develop and focus on three marketing stories

A story behind images

  • The whole world on a plate concept.
  •  A multi ethnic, multi sensory dining experience where flavors clash on purpose.
  • The art of cooking is at a crossroads … where everything collides.

Hoteliers Inspiration and its team of culinary professionals developed and delivered a powerful marketing and PR tools using a phased approach as follows:

Phase 1: Creation of communication strategy

  • Definition of strategic goals.
  • Bench marketing.
  • Definition of communicational goals.
  • Definition of tactics.
  • Definition of communication activities.
  • Definition of KPIs.

Phase 2: Plan and execution

  • Preparation of communication plan with time table
  • Execution of communication plan


  • Develop a Web site campaign


  • Design marker boards outside the shop
  • Design marker plates for products, to create more differential look
  • Design labels and adverts with recepies a wide range of Organic products, A Story on Organic products
  • Engage community workshops
  • Design different material to highlight eco, organic products
  • Design a loyalty card program

Cooking campaign

  • Create inspirational 48 seasonal dishes using only organic / bio products
  • Promote twice per year live cooking shows in Hotels and restaurants
  • Create and film new cooking techniques while live cooking taks place

Chef Zdravko and two more chefs managed the whole cooking process, presented different trendy dishes with an organic, sustainable approach to sourcing; using fresh local produce, the use of fair trade products was also present.

Photo shooting sessions were also conducted by a professional photographer. The project had different F&B chapters according with trends and food themes.


The project exceeded its goal, we educated, inspired chefs and kitchen staff to understand and  differentiate conventional to organic fruits and vegetables.


shops and retailers have showed more visibility and awareness on organic products.
As this project has been recently done, we are yet waiting for numerical facts.