Our partner “The client”

Franchising property, five star hotel in Central America city, 200 bedrooms hotel with extensive conference and banqueting meeting rooms.


Design and deliver Food and beverage strategy to promote gastronomic events, creating awareness of cultural cuisines and food themes impacting the industry.
Increase brand awareness, promote restaurants and fine dining existing cuisine experience in the hotel.
Drive the kitchen team and head chef to stamp his name on the region, become an innovator in the marketplace in relation to new food concepts. Inspire the Marketing and PR department to create new stories to promote the food and beverage division.

Team behind the Project

Sergio Foti on behalf of Hoteliers Inspiration, Jorge Jurado Chef consultant and expert in thematic cuisine.


The team conducted extensive research on new culinary techniques and trends hitting the world with emphasis in America, Central America and Caribbean region. We involved main suppliers as part of the process; we thoroughly assessed new products, condiments, food items ranging from fresh fish from the Pacific, and Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, we researched the most exotic tropical fruits, including Asian extravagant species to enrich flavors and all types of palates.

We developed 6 thematic innovative cuisines, we created a 12 month calendar activity, ranging from Urban cuisine, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea comfort food, Peruvian cuisine, Asian fusion cuisine, modernist (Commonly named Molecular) cuisine, and the revolution concept invented by Jorge named nouvelle Panamanian cuisine, a classic 1980s theme with touches of twenty one century techniques, combining ancestral with modern concepts.

All 6 culinary events took place with strong emphasis on fresh ingredients, local produce with a high degree in respecting roots of products, we included autochthony concept as starting point to design all types of menus, presentation of food items were on wooden plates, rustic stones perfectly shaped to accommodate dishes with emulsions; conventional porcelain were totally excluded of the project.

The incorporation of these new trends helped to enhance senses and imagination; minimalistic concepts were present in all thematic culinary experiences.

In preparation for each thematic gastronomical experience, kitchen team and service staff conducted rigorous product knowledge and cooking tests based on seasonal products, we had also included  a sensory analysis where we assessed flavor, aroma, texture, bite, moisture, smokiness, appearance and eye appeal as well as finish and mouth feel of all dishes presented during the year calendar.
We selected a small kitchen team who became totally immersed in food laboratory experiences. This new way of doing things brought to the kitchen impressive journey knowledge and motivation as never seen before. Jorge conducted and recorded SOP’s during the whole cooking process, consistency on activities were highly prioritized and protected.


The whole campaign achieved its objective, successful high presence in TV and national newspaper, built a much stronger working relationship with suppliers, brought high degree of incentive and knowledge to the team and last, but not least it increased revenue by circa 1.5% of plan expected 20,000 American Dollars to the business.