Our partner “The client”

Leading Hotel Company in Croatia with a portfolio of 24 hotels in Istria, Rovinj, Croatia.



The objective of the assessment focused on financial analysis based on P&L data, KPI and other non-financial indicators

Throughout well planned meetings with GMs and HODs we intend to assess the existing business model, followed by recommendations and implementations of best world practices to excel performance.

The aim of this proposal and its management intervention aimed to:

A)    Discuss of actual P&L results Vs plan and forecast figures.

B)    Identify and recommend actions on existing gaps linked with roles responsibilities of the Management team

C)    Assess people’s involvement in operational activities impacting on P&L results / USALI model.

D)    Determine efficiency of existing people’s activities

E)    Discuss potential risk factors affecting sales and optimization of cost

F)    Determine and recommend actions to minimize future risks


Team behind the Project

Sergio Foti, Director of Hoteliers Inspiration and global leader in hospitality consulting company Horwath HTL Zagreb http://horwathhtl.hr/



A)                  Physical walkthrough of the 5 properties and assigned areas, storerooms, restaurants, offices, rooms etc.

B)                  One on one meeting with GM / Hotel Manager and HODs

C)                 Group Executive meeting with GMs and HOD / assignees

D)                 ICQ or Internal Control Questionnaires individually performed by properties


The discussed program objectives for this project were to:

A)                  Discuss room revenue segmentation per department / Actuals/ Forecast / Budget

B)                  Discuss F&B revenues per outlet / Actuals / Forecast / Budget

C)                 Discuss of Other Revenues / Actuals / Forecast / Budget

D)                 Review actual Sales Strategy / What worked what did not work

E)                  Discuss future market assumptions and opportunities

F)                  Discuss overall business strategy for the upcoming months

G)                 Review and recommend a series of actions based on results found on RevPar Growth %, Occupancy %, ADR %, Meetings Growth %, F&B Growth %, GOP Growth %

H)           Food and Beverage Stock taking results discussions

J)            Beverages shortages or surplus discussions



In times of economic uncertainty, new HR systems must be in place to tackle forces of the new economy, finding the time and money for the implementation of those systems are critical for the future of the organization.

The company embarked new projects to award or addressing performance and its benefits, by the time implementation of new HR practices are finished and the system is in place, the company is setting a clear path for its growth. In evaluating and taking the risks for HR solutions, the time for implementation should be an important consideration since solutions that can be rapidly implemented are more likely to be in line with the organization needs, the force behind these new initiatives will start producing a R.O.I much earlier than expected.